Ukracestats provide all the form for uk racing in a single colour coded excel spreadsheet. Whether you are a backer or layer then the serious form student can see at a glance all the vital statistics for each runner without trawling through formbooks and websites.

You will need a copy of Microsoft Excel to view the ratings but if you don't have microsoft excel you can download a copy of the Excel Viewer free from the Microsoft Site. Click Here

Horse Statistics

Identify the ideal conditions for each horse. Not only the obvious criteria such as going and distance requirements but other factors such as the time of year, preferred jockeys, type of course, course direction, size of the field etc.

Trainer Statistics

The ratings show the win/runs ratio at the track by race type. Profitable trainer trends are shown in bold. With these statistics alone you can identify many long priced winners.

Many trainers have winners all year round but many have a discernable pattern which you can follow year after year.

Ever wondered if a trainer's jockey booking is significant. You can view the wins/runs ratio and profitability for each combination for each runner. Again profitable combinations are shown in bold.

Jockey Statistics

The ratings show each jockeys win record at today's track as well as the jockey's recent form and record on the current mount.

Pedigree Statistics

Pedigree statistics available include Win/Run ratios by Course, Going and Distance Pedigree.

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To better appreciate the wealth of information available then you can download some recent examples Click Here